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autocruise starspirit fresh water fill up


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It might help to know the age of John’s Autocruise “Starspirit” motorhome, but it sounds like it has the ‘caravan’ type of water-filling system referred to (and complained about) in this ukcampsite.co.uk forum entry




and that was also discussed here in a thread beginning in 2007 and revived in 2016 when fitting a ‘motorhome norm’ external water filling-point was explored.




(It MIGHT be practicable to adapt another screw-in cap that would be fitted when tank-filling was to take place, so that connecting the hose inside the motorhome was simpler and with a shut-off valve (like in a domestic toilet system) that would cut off the water supply when the water-tank approached full. But the best improvement would be to fit a ‘normal’ external hole-in-the-body-side filling-point and that could well be a challenging task.)

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