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A change of heart from the Daily Wail?


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CurtainRaiser - 2021-08-29 1:57 PM


After years of campaigning to leave the EU, Daily Mail, Mail on Sunday says:


“Let's unite with the EU to crush the curse of border bureaucracy”



It would be hilarious if it wasn't so sad that it's taken five years for the idiots to U turn and come to their senses. That header needs SHOUTING out loud as Brexit cult fanatics will bury their heads, close their eyes, not hear, and scurry off to hide.




Five years ago the same rag jubilantly shouted this on their front page.



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But why would the EU want to restart negotiations with Johnson?

They must have had enough of him last time, and they are doing very well out of the deal they have got.

Freedom to export to England, and only Englands exports held up.

So much so that English firms are moving to the EU

And the state that England is in with rocketing debt and empty supermarket shelves the new normal, is an example to anyone else thinking of leaving the EU.

What have the EU got to gain from more negotiations?

Especially when they can't believe a word that Johnson says, or trust him to keep his word.

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John52 - 2021-08-30 6:15 AM


But why would the EU want to restart negotiations with Johnson?

They don't......it's right wing media realising the damage Brexit has caused the country, appealing to it's fanatical followers to hold out an olive branch. Brexit has been the biggest act of self inflicted harm ever.

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Guest pelmetman
CurtainRaiser - 2021-08-30 10:34 PM


Hey Pelmethead!


You have missed the chance to give your informed position on this thread.


Your silence speaks volumes.


I only feed you Chumps when "I" choose >:-) .........


Or else you forum Chimps might explode (lol) (lol) (lol) ........

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