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carthago & concorde


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We have looked at both of these as possible replacements for our Autotrail in the not too distant future, hopefully next year. The Concorde is believe it or not a tad short of residual capacity to carry two small minibikes in the garage. One owner showed me round his and then went through all he had to do to get the weight rating increased. It has lots of technology inside, even an electric rise and fall for the flat screen TV. Is this necessary? The cabin floor powers up for leisure use and down for driving, is this necessary?


The Cathargo range have less technology to go wrong and are available on the Iveco 6 tonne chassis which hopefully will provide adequate payload.


But having hired an Australian Winnebago for a couple of weeks perhaps we should not rule out a small yank? A lot more substancially built for less money.


We plan to have a browse around the Dussledorf Show later this year. Must sell the house first though!


Its difficult aint it?




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