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ih tio tip uo sink


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You asked much the same question on 1 November 2021




and received plenty of advice - so I’m not sure what else can now be usefully said.


There was no guarantee that the manufacturer (Bridgewood) of the unit that included the tip-up washbasin would still be making it (nor that online adverts claiming to have the unit in stock would be up to date or accurate).


Around 2007 IH Motorhomes changed the tip-up washbasin unit in the Tio to a (much less expensive) “Cleo” design that’s widely available new or used, but a Cleo unit would not easily install in your motorhome and a Cleo washbasin cannot be used in place of your damaged basin. (Photos of both types of wash basin in this 2018 forum thread)




In the 1 November discussion Alanb said "If David can be more specific as to the nature of the problem, then more advice may be forthcoming”, but you did not provide that information.


If your Tio’s washbasin is so badly damaged that it cannot be repaired, you MIGHT find a replacement at a caravan breakers if you were very lucky.


Have you contacted Bridgewood to see if they still have the moulds and could make you a new basin? There are firms that will make replacement shower-trays out of GRP, but I’m doubful that there is anyone who could make a new washbasin for you other than the basin’s original manufacturer.

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