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Just to say hello from Belgium!!


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I have been reading the forums for a couple of years and enjoy reading MMM when it is published. So I thought it was time I joined the forum.

We are the owners of a secondhand Carado T448 which this year has taken us all over south west France on several 3 week trips.

Recently I was lucky enough to be in the right place a t the right time and picked up 2 secondhand LPG cylinders for €200, the camper already had an outside fill point and is fitted with an automatic switch over and crash protection.

Greetings to all


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Welcome to the MMM Forum


It’s been a while since we traveled through Belgium on our way to the Düsseldorf MH show.

Hope your keeping well and enjoying the price of your Diesel and Addblu, which I found cheaper there.


Take care

Enjoy life


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Derek it is too complex to discuss The rules EU and National. For campers driving on the road with Refill or not. The German G607 is the most important. In France must be the gas valve closed during driving even you have a crash sensor or crash control placed. In NL you may not fill your tanks on the road. Even you have a connection outside. But everybody does do that.
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