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Which Make?


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This must be a perennial question, but any help appreciated.

I am going to buy a motorhome very soon, if I can decide what to buy!

I am leaning very strongly toward a Hymer 544 A-class, does anyone have an opinion on these?

Hymer, in particular, seem to hold their value well, are there any other makes that also keep a reasonable resale value?

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Hi Bryan.


Almost welcome to the world of m/homing.


Which van is almost an impossible answer, never mind an impossible question.


There is no one van suits all: or even nearly.


Have some ideas on how you intend to use it, where to go, who with. length of time away, pets etc. etc. etc.


Example: we are semi-professional dance teachers so; one of our 'must haves' was a long wardrobe to take dresses without creasing.


Eyes & mind wide open, look at everything you can around your budget range.


Be persistant with the vehicles, try everything, eg: make up the beds, all of them, and lie on them, with partner if applicable, not comfy / hard to set up / dismantle, forget it, another van round the corner.


Eventually the right van will find you. It did with us twice now, first one for five years second one six months so far.


Keep reading the drivel, sorry postings on here, lots of good info among the insults and childish behaviour, especially from the retired fraternity in South Wales.

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Hi Bryan, and welcome to the forum.


We bought two MH’s before settling on the one we have, expensive mistakes! It’s well worth considering how you intend to use the MH, saloon lounging and night time layout was the number one priority for us. Without knowing how many occupants, and how you intend to use the MH it’s difficult to advise.


Hymer is a popular well made MH and you can’t go far wrong with one, providing the layout is satisfactory for you.


We needed centre lounge with lots of day room, end kitchen and good full length sofas which can be easily made up into two single beds, so went for the Autocruise Stargazer.


Regards Terry


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Hi Bryan


As already stated by others, it's what presses the right switches when you 1st climb into a motorhome.

We're on our 5th - supposedly last!!!. It's a new Hymer B Starline 700.

The layout suited us, and really sold itself to us.

Like the others have said, its all a matter of personal taste.

You will always always see someone else's M/Home, and say -" I do like"......

Good Luck


Thai Bry

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We are contemplating changing our near 10 year old much loved Autotrail Merc Scout in about a years time, so it must have suited us quite well. But what to replace it with is the quandry. We looked at Cathargo models on a 6 tonne Iveco chassis and also the Concorde on the 4.6 tonne Merc chassis. But having recently hired a Winebago for 2 weeks in Oz we are now even looking at small Yanks which seem to be more robust and represent better value and performance for the money.


Its not easy! we remain totally undecided and intend to browse at the Dusseldorf show later this year for inspiration having pestered the salesmen at the five Warners shows first.

Peterborough in 2 weeks then?


Good luck with the quest






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All I would add is to give a lot of thought to where you intend driving it.  There are many minor roads on which any standard width motorhome will feel a little portly - especially when you meet a truck! 

If you think this might be the case for you, do go on a decent test drive before you sign on the dotted line!

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Brian. Meeting a truck or a bus is easy compared to meeting a car/caravan. The two former know to a millimeter how wide they are, the latter has only a general idea how wide his car is, plus they don't tend to pull in to their own side.
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