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first timer

johnny john

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:-D hello

My first post here< and i've hired a motorhome for a little holiday for the first time. I've never been in one let alone drive one! Any advice? I've started buying MMM first issue this month. I have hired a swift Sundance 590RS – 4/5 berth. Is this an ok one? i looked around on internet and could'nt decide so i plumped for this one. The man at hire place says he'll run through things with me, is it all quite straight forward?

Any advice and tips would be forever gratefull


Thanks again :D

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Hi John


Probably the best way to find out if motorhoming is for you is to hire one so you are on the right tracks.


You will also find out more about what suits you (in a shorter space of time) by trying this than you would by reading and listening to others.


My only tip would be to listen carefully to what the dealer says on handover as there is quite a bit of information to take in first time around (providing the dealer goes into everything) but this will make your trip and use of the van much more enjoyable if you are not constantly worrying if you are doing it right or racking your brains to remember what was said.


If this does happen when you finally get away and there are other motorhomers around don't be afraid to ask someone - we are a freindly bunch overall and all had to start sometime!


Have a good trip and let us know how it goes.


Regards, David

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Hi John.


Good advice as above, but, don't just listen to the handover speech, try to slow him/her down and physically operate the described system yourself. it is too easy to get flustered and miss the obvious when things don't work on site.

You remenber only what the man said about the fridge when you can't get the bed to make up.

Repeat earlier advice. Don't be afraid to ask other M/Homers on site if you get stuck.

If parking on grass at this time of year, it's worth while having a couple of short lengths of 13mm ply to park the wheels on. Stops them sinking overnight and provides a good platform to get some momentum. Go back and pick them up when safely on solid ground. Not politically correct but a wife comes in handy for this job.

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