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battery discharging

mark lambert

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A friend of mine has a hymer 655?,low profile,on a fiat 2.8, 03 plate. The engine battery keeps going flat when parked up at home,takes a couple of days. he has had the battery checked and all is ok. he has had a wireless reverse camera fitted, the problems started a little while after the fitting of the camera,it was fitted by a reputeable fitter, could be coincidence? He has just told me that the battery was quite low in amps when he parked up on site, but after a couple of days connected up to electric his battery amps have lifted and he could start the van without a jump. Does the electric hookup, charge the engine battery aswell as the leisure battery? What could be draining the engine battery? when the van is parked up everything is turned off.



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Guest peter
Yes the hookup does charge the engine battery. It could be the camera causing the problem. Get a meter or test lamp on the power terminals of the camera and see if it is really turned off. Also make sure the fan on the heater is off as they will run without the gas being on.
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Many older van electrical systems will not charge the starter battery when on hookup, so read your instruction manual to see if yours should.


The wireless camera system may well be the problem if the monitor is wired directly to the starter battery supply and not via the ignition switch controlled supply. Use a voltmeter to check for the presence or absence of volts at the monitor when the key switch is removed.


Is the camera wired into the reversing light supply? or mistakenly wired to a permanent supply that may have been provided for a later fitted trailer socket? Again use a voltmeter to check for the presence or absence of volts at the camera when the key switch is removed.


If these tests are beyond you then you need a vehicle sparky to sort it for you .


Final comment. I cannot see any advantage in wireless rear view camera systems as good rear view systems are too usefull to only be available when reversing. As a cable has to be routed to the camera anyway then the small additional work required to run the power / video cable from the camera to the monitor is very much worth while.


If your friend is still suffering with the problem then a visit over the boarder to Telford sound worth while.


Good luck






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