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Sign here to Park your MH


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Yes, I too have added my name to the signatories.


Now, I apologise for digressing from the main point, but I have been waiting for the opportunity to mention the following.


Your posting has reminded me about when I used the Babraham Park and Ride, on the A1307 south of Cambridge, a few months ago.


Immediately on entering the Park and Ride there are some 10 large clearly indicated spaces (for which I congratulate Cambridge City Council) exclusively for use by Motorhomes, all of which on this occasion were empty.


I then I noticed that entry to all of the spaces was prevented by a row of road cones, which I presumed meant that some works were going to be carried out there.


So, having a short wheel base panel van conversion I decided to proceed into the sparsely occupied 1000 space car parking area.


I parked easily within the markings and many spaces away from any other vehicle.


Arriving over at the bus stop I was pounced upon by the Park and Ride Attendant, who politely pointed out that the car spaces were not for use by Motorhomes and enquired why I had not used the area allocated for Motorhomes.


I explained to him that I had pulled up along side the spaces but then decided that they were out of use for some reason.


He replied that he had seen me stop, but asked why I didn't get out and move the cones.


Seeing that the bus was just about to leave, he quickly added that he would let me off on this occasion, but if he saw me doing this again our vehicle would be clamped, for which a release fee would have to be paid.


You just can't win with a Mr Jobs Worth !



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I have signed then I looked for my name . can you believe that someone would sign it IVOR BIGCOCK in capitals what's wrong with these people .

Also someone has put all the people in this list need to learn to drive

how childish..

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Good grief! I suppose if you had removed a cone You would have been in trouble too. Did you contact the Coucil to complain? Our nearest P&R is at Newmarket Road which has height barriers - have got nowhere suggesting they could be opened in the morning and closed at night. "It is the travellers who have to be kept out."


Frustrated Empress



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