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oh dear - a mothers worst nightmare


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My son Stephen is in the Grenadier Guards serving in Afghanistan and he was shot yesterday!

He is ok, flesh wound in his thigh - he has been into surgery and is due to go again tomorrow just to make sure the wound is clean, and then will be flown back early next week on the next available flight, and go to Selly Oak Hospital.

I didn't worry too much when he was in Bosnia, I worried more when he was in Basra - but knew he was not out on patrol - I only found out when he got back that the camp was being mortared every day! And when I found he was going to Camp Bastion - well my insides did a ***** - because I knew he would be going out on patrol regularly - it's his job and what he is trained to do.

I received a call at 7.30 yesterday morning from a nurse at the hospital at Camp Bastion, she broke the news as well as she could and then I spoke to Stephen, he was ok, a bit out of it but my 'steve'

I received another call from him at lunch time, and also spoke to the surgeon who explained his injury and what he had done to repair it.

I had another call from a major at tea time yesterday and he gave me more information.

All in all the Army get 10 out of 10 at the moment for communication and information.

I celebrated the fact that my son is alive and not seriously injured.

I said a prayer for all the other parents who have had devastating news in the past - and others that will I am sure in the coming months.

Everyone asks 'are you ok' and yes I am on the outside, but inside! there are no words to explain how I feel, I will just sit and stare into space, then tears come into my eyes, and I think of what might have happened - and thank god that it didn't.

My son has a dry sense of humour - he said - 'hey mum, I can't beleive it but my mate dropped me as he was carrying me to the helicopter' priceless.

One other guard was hurt in the attack - he got shrapnel wounds and is in the bed next to Stephen.

Thanks for letting me share this with you all.



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Nightmare doesn,t even come close Carol and lets wish a speedy recovery to Stephen. With a bit of luck the powers that be will now bring him back home. In the meantime hang on in there and our thoughts and prayers are with you.
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In church we often pray for the service people out there - is it OK if I mention you & Stephen by name this Sunday?


Everyone's making such a fuss about Prince Harry going out there, sometimes forget that all those "unknown" guys and girls are just as valuable!



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oh carol - that must be awful, but at least he's going to be back in the UK for a while and you can indulge all your finest maternal instincts - for a while at least.

Good to know that the communication links are working so well, too.


all positive thoughts your way



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Very sorry to hear of your news.

In my humble opinion our boys & girls should'nt even be out there in the first place.!!

We've open the gates to hell and our so called leaders don't know how to close it.

So we have more stealth taxes heaped on us to help pay for someone else's war.

How can we fight a war when we don't know who the enemy is and the very people who we were supposed to liberate can't even get on with themselves, and worse still now blame us for the state that they are in.

Enough of my ramblings, but very sorry to hear your news & my heart goes out to you.





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tears in my eye's I cannot remotely imagine what you must be going through the thoughts the fears ... I am so glad its good news for you all and he will come home soon. I say my preys now and thankyou god for saving him and look after the others as well. god bless.

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Hi Carol


I am so glad your son is going to be ok and will be coming home to you soon.


My son was thinking about joining the Army and although my hubby is in the RAF, I will admit to doing everything I could to talk him out of the idea. I have had too many sleepless nights and nightmares over the years with the Falklands, both Gulf wars and many other missions and detatchments to go through it all again. I am not that brave.

Here's hoping you can sleep easier again soon.







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Stephen rang yesterday, he had just had his second op, all is well and they have stapled him up and issued him with a pair of crutches.

he will be back in the uk early next week, and can go straight home - his base when he is on leave is with his brother David in Sale, Cheshire. So when I get the call from Brize to say he is on his way up north, Charles and I will drive up there to see him.

3 weeks sick leave then down to somewhere near Epsom for rehabilitation.

So alls well that ends well.

I thank you all from my heart for your good wishes (which were passed on too him)and your prayers.


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glad your son is on the mend we all owe him a big thankyou, im sure he will come through this experience a better stronger man and ready for any challenge that he faces in the future. he is very brave and so are you for talking about it. good luck


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another update.

he is back at home in Sale, Cheshire with his elder brother, boring living in Grantham with me and Charles!!! Charles and I drove over there after work yesterday - and he is on the mend.

We all just need to give him plenty of moral support now, it won't be easy for him to forget what happened.

Still in a lot of pain, but getting used to his crutches 8-)

He was very lucky, the wound is in his groin, missed his 'tackle' and the femoral artery and any bones in that area. The bullet also missed the head of the driver of the vehicle by a couple of inches!

He will be home for about 3 weeks and will then go for re-habilitation to a place near Epsom until he is fit to send back to his regiment.


Thank you again for your prayers and good wishes,



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Steve is fine, he has had all his 'staples' out - 34 I think he said!! the wound is 12" long in his groin, the crutches have been discarded and he goes back down to Aldershot next week.

So - re-habilitation and then back to the foray!!

Thank you for all your prayers and good wishes - I still have moments when I think what could have happened - and thank God it didn't.

Words still cannot express how I feel about it all, and when he goes out to Afghanstan again as I am sure he will - or Iraq, I pray to God he and his comrades will keep safe. Have attached a pic of him as usher at Louise and Jimmy's wedding on the 24th March.

thank you all



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