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Leisure Batteries - Charging


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Providing your original battery was charging up okay, a second battery in parallel will charge up at the same time. I trust you put an extra fuse in line close to the positive terminal of the additional battery?


Its recommended that a second battery is of the same size as the original battery and that both batteries are in good condition. I have recently installed a second battery of the same size and type, although the original battery is some 4 years old, both are working well with each other.


You really should charge both batteries before connecting them together, and make sure while each are disconnected, one from the other, and neither connected to your MH system, the voltage on both is the same, usually 12.7 volts, after a disconnected rest period of say 24 hrs, to make sure both batteries are compatible with each other.


Regards Terry

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...Interesting thread...Also want advice on charging liesure battery have been advised that need special charger ...Would that be correct also would you recomend diconect from M/H whilst charging.....Andy
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We have a 2003 Ducato and have added a 2nd 85amp battery under passenger seat.

Dont know if YOU HAVE PROBLEMS,or if my advise will be of any relevance to you.

We are unfotunate to not have a drive to park our van at home, so our van was kept in storage.

On our outings we assumed the leisure battery would charge while on the road, get to our destination mostly the shows where you got no electric and the bateries die second day.

Added a 2nd battery same problem, bought a gennie, as back up.

Then one year at Shepton Mallet caused a fuss with the dealers, they sent over their mechanic on site, and he told us to HOOK UP and charge the van up at least 3 DAYS before setting off, so simple so far so good.

This is our 3rd DUCATO, never had this problem before.

The newer these vans the worse they are gettin.g

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