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Norfolkline Bargain


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bob b - 2007-05-02 1:37 PM Ye God's......It almost makes you believe in Jesus don't it !

I have to say that I find this remark somewhat offensive and in my opinion totally pointless.


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derek500 - 2007-05-02 11:39 AM


Just booked a one way Dunkerque/Dover crossing for Saturday July 28 at eight in the morning. 7m long, 3m high.


Only 48 Euros (£32). Much lower price than was quoted earlier in the year.




I'm going the day before and our two way trip was £72 all in inc booking fee - could have taken the motorhome but didn't think it would cope with the 'ring as well as the roadster will!!!

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Guest starspirit

We 'did' Norfolkline Dover Dunkerque Dover with the car for £41 return recently and their ships are nearly new, clean(ish) and seem to work well, although the state of some of the toilets left a bit to be desired.


We were in the car this time so I did not get to see the lorry deck but the car deck was large and clean with swift and efficient loading and unloading.


Interestingly when I did a comparison out of interest the quote was the same price for a 6 metre van for the same times.


We will almost certainly be using Norfolk again - unless we can get it cheaper that is?

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