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Big day arrives!


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Well, it's finally arrived! Tomorrow morning we leave the safety of our house and take to the road for 10 weeks Southern England, France & Spain.


This will be our first trip abroad and there is a varying mixture of emotions from "Can't wait" to "wondering what the bl***y hell are we doing"!!!


If you don't hear from me again we are in a ditch somewhere or have decided to stay on the road for good!


Next post July!! (lol) (lol)

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Take it a your pace in your space. Motorhoming is not a race!.

Try speaking a little of the lingo, thats Hampshire, Kentish, French or Spanish. They will love you for trying.

Don,t drive for too long or too late each day.

Its not the getting there but also the going and the anticipation that is all part of the experience.


See you later!!




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