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New Auto-Sleepers Warwick


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Before you rush out and sign on the dotted line for your Trigano Tribute, Timberland, IH, Adria or whatever Vanel Van Conversion, there is a new kid on the block: Auto-Sleepers Warwick. based on Peugeot Boxer.


See it at the Newbury show if you go, on the Marquis stand...... for those of you who aren't going to Newbury, a brief resume :- (nothing showing on the Auto-Sleepers website.). just my opinion of course.


The one at Newbury is a 'prototype': the final version having some differences; double glazing for instance.


Layout: rear lounge; parallel sofas with additional part to convert to U lounge; converts to 6' 2" bed across van.


Kitchen on offside, with large area of worktop, plus sink with combined drainer; full cooker; three gas, one electric ring/ grill/oven plus microwave oven. Cupboards and drawers under kitchen top and 70ltr 3 way fridge.


Nearside has wardrobe; shower/toilet: this extends beyond the sliding door so the the toilet cassette access is behind the SLD when it's closed: so no cassette door access cut into van side. Room for two 6kg / 7kg gas bottles. Room heating by diesel / 240v. Water heating by lpg / 240v.


This is a nicely finished and styled 'van; the external appearance is stunning: display model in white but the windows have external smoked glass panels so it appears to be almost as if it is one long black window down each side. I forgot to see how the windows open!


Very much liked:


Access via rear doors (when not in 'U mode' ) as well as the side door.

General appearance / style and finish inside and out.



Indifferent to:-

Full cooker: would prefer hob/grill; would never use oven.



'Tip up' basin.

Small wardrobe.

Lack of storage for our picnic chairs.

Non swivelling cab seats but understand that these could be supplied.

Cooker needs fuller screen between it and the back of cab seat to prevent soiling of seat: only has low glass shield. Likewise worktop end of kitchen adjacent to lounge area which has no shield / end panel.


Oh! one other thing which, while we spent a considerable time examining this van; all the ladies passing through treated with derision ...............

guess what ............................................>>

















>>..................a slide-out ironing board, from under the kitchen worktop.








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fred grant - 2007-05-13 7:50 PM


room for two gas bottles in the bathroom harvey??? r u sure, there certainly aint room for alices ass. think you must work for auto sleeper, cmon own up, they get everywhere.




It doesn't say they are *in* the bathroom Fred. (full stop)

If Alice wants to take her ass, donkey, dog or any other pet into the bathroom perhaps you should speak kindly to her.


I do not work for Auto-Sleepers or anyone else actually. I am completely freelance.


By the way, I like your Bristols.



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We saw this van at the ASOC National Rally at Newark, you are not far off the mark Derek with the price. If you are in the market for a panel van conversion, certainly worth a look at

(dont know if the ironing boad will stay, A-S got a few comments on that - LOL!!!)

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congratulations harvey, your the first forum member to mention my bristols!


and a nice threesome they is too.


Anyway, i almost needed my tractor to haul alice out of the warwick loo - she got well stuck in there, even with the door ajar.


never mind, good try autosleeper



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