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tabot merlin camper


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hi im new to this forum

can anyone tell me wot semi-elliptic leaf springs are

i bought a talbot camper (merlin )but it looks low on the rear springs

ive been told that the springs work opposite from them of a transit van

can someone help before i spend lots of money having the old one retemered


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Guest starspirit

The Merlin was made by Caravans International at Poole (aka Autohomes) when they were a UK firm in the 80's and was quite a good van in it's day.

Semi elliptic springs are what all vehicles used to use on their rear axles before independent suspension appeared, and are often known as cart springs - because that's what carts used too.

Re tempering only works if the guy that does it REALLY knows what he is doing and there are not too many genuine blacksmiths left these days so I would be more inclined to get a pair from a breaker.

Or consider Air-ride or MAD rubber suspension aids to lift your droopy bum.

It might only be droopy due to the volume of water in the bodywork as they did have a tendency to leak a bit - only joking!

Nevertheless you might want to have a good look round all the joints for signs of water ingress.

The old Peugeot petrol engine (ex 504) is a tough and reliable motor, as is the 2.5 diesel - but the diesel can be a bit agricultural when pushed.

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