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gas hobs and very red faces!!!!!


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:$ *-) Hi,


does anyone out there know where I can get replacement screws which hold the burners into the hob? They are about 1 1/4"lo.ng


Ummm, I was a bit gung ho when I cleaned it and they are now just a shade rusty and have to be replaced



regards hapless annie

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If they are normal sized screws or bolts, then you really need stainless steel replacements and the best place is a chandlers - any large marina, either on the coast or at a large canal marina. (Or do a Google!).


Failing this, you'll need to order from the importers for the stove. If Smev, then Roses of Hull are a good source (Google for details). If other, try G again.


Mel E


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Guest peter
Clive - 2007-05-29 9:49 PM


Screwfix Direct to a range of stainless steel screws>>

Too late Clive. He's fixed up. See above. :D
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