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Nuevo awning


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I want to fit a Fiamma 3 metre awning to my Orian Zeta aka Nuevo. I have offered it up and it looks like I will need spacers due to the beading at the roof/side wall joint. I fitted one to my previous motorhome but the side panel was totally flat. Has anybody fitted a 3m awning to a Nuevo and can give any useful hints?


Mike in Devon

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Our Rapido 709F which we PX's in February had a 3m awning which bridged over the joining strip and had some spacers strips that meant it didn't cause a problem.


It must be a stock item as the spacer strips certainly didn't look 'home made' - have you contacted a Fiamma stockist to see if it's an option in their catalogue?


You can also have a look at the following website to try to identify what you need:




Click on Awnings then go to the bottom right and click on the Adapter Kits bit, looking through, items 21 onwards seem to be more what you need.


Mel B

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