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Australia weather if travelling there

John Keats

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Received this morning from a friend in Brisbane.


Weather here still very warm. We have temps up to 32

which is high for May. Brisbane has now been officialy

declared a drought zone - the first time anyone can remember.

Somerset dam was closed down last week for the first time.

The garden is very sad after losing a number of trees.

Currently 26 and showers, so there may be hope.



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We were in Oz for the very first time in February.



If you are interested in Australian wild life (the wife is) then have a look at :-




For general holiday shots then start a third of the way down this page:-




It was hot - but not too hot.



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Agree with you Clive it is fabulous, we went to Sydney - Cairns, Feb/March 2000 it was hot, went again last year Feb/ March Melbourne - Sydney, found Melbourne quite nippy, but they do say they can get 4 seasons in one day there.

We then drove from Melbourne to Sydney, happened to make a stop for fuel on our travels and could not believe the heat when we opened the car door, as we found it cold in Melbourne, that time of year.

Saying that i would go again anytime any weather. B-)

It will be the gold coast next.

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Oz is suffering from yet another El Nino year. These major climatic events used to happen on approximately a 7 year cycle, but they seem to becoming much more frequent - the last was in 2003/04 when the south-east was also in dire straights with drought and the great Murray River was reduced to a shadow. This year the Darling (part of the huge Murray-Darling basin) is barely even a stream. The area I know best - just north of the Murray in NSW - used to produce lots of rice as recently as 6 to 8 years ago, but this seems to have gone completely because the irrigation water is now far too expensive and in too short a supply.


Parts of Oz that, 50 years ago, were able to support agrigulture can no longer do so.


It's a recognised effect of global warming. You can argue 'til the cows come home whether this is ultimately dangerous to us or not, but you simply cannot deny the rise intemperatures we are all experiencing.


Mel E


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