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A French view of motorhoming in UK


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I came across this site whilst looking for Aire information.


It is a journal of a holiday in the UK by a Frenchman with his motorhome last year and it makes fascinating reading.

It's all in French but if, like me, you find that a problem then it can be roughly translated using one of the online translation sites such as Babel Fish In fact the dodgy literal translations make it more charming.


It's interesting to see our country through the eyes of a visitor.



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Ralph - 2007-05-21 9:55 PM


derek500 - 2007-05-21 8:46 PM






Oops, sorry. I meant to paste the link in then forgot...


Thanks Derek


Great site Ralph, well worth ten or fifteen minutes. I've read a few travelogues from Spanish motorhomers and they also have very positive opinions of the UK. That's once they've got over the prices!!


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What a great asset this is, maybe I can now send messages to all my friends in France etc. I copied and printed all the info but have yet to read it.


Theres a few things I have to get sorted like arranging a normal email into French but I'm sure it will work.


I dont understand what I do but am pretty persistant to get results.


And its all so simple, but I guess there are other sites as well


Many thanks it looks like interesting reading



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This is an interesting report and generally is very pro UK.He makes the point about not wild camping and the fact that British drivers are not aggresive!

For translation I prefer www.freetraslation.com

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Be very careful using an online translation. If you want to type something then translate it back again to see just what you've said. Sometimes the results can be hilarious!

But they are good to give you the gist of what is being said.



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