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Satalite set up for the van


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We have bought a second hand van that had a satelite system fitted but was removed when the vehicle was part exchanged at Brownhills. The metal plate with securing bolts and the cable are still in place.

Does anyone have any idea on how I can use our own satelite receiver that is in the house and hopefuly just get a dish fitted.


I am currently trying to find out what make/model the removed system was which might help?


I am in no rush to get it all sorted as we try and avoid the television when in the van (havn't got one yet) but it would be handy for the occasional dark winter nights and also keep the kids happy if we want to go for a walk and they just can't be bothered.


I want to do it on the cheap because:-

A) It won't get used a lot, as we like to wild camp and don't really hook up much.

B) My wife says I'm as tight as a camels @ in a sand storm ;-)

Any help much appreciated

Just found uot that the old system was an Oyster Dome 85cm P13750




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I would think if you want to use the existing roof plate you'll need to get a compatible dish. Out of interest on another forum someone has put up for sale an Oyster auto system that needs a mounting plate and cable. Perhaps you're buying his MH! £900 though!!


For budget purposes, I would recommend a Lidl/Maplins suitcase type, but you mention 'winter'. It was for that very reason we ditched ours and went for a Maxview Crankup. No fun adjusting in cold wet weather. At less than £400 it does the job extremely well and if you're venturing into Spain, will do a better job with Astra 2d than the smaller suitcase dish.

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kevandali - 2007-05-23 11:36 AM


Hi Derek

Could you let me kow which forum you saw the Oyster system for sale and also do you know if all systems work off of the mains or do they use 12v as well.


cheers for the info




I believe the 'motorised' dishes run off 12v. The normal Sky box is 240v, but you can buy a 12v version. (better off buying an invertor from Maplins).


The excellent 'free to air' box in the suitcase works off both, but it won't pick up C4 or C5 as they are still 'soft' encrypted. Also with this box you won't need to buy a satfinder as a very good one is built in.


I tend to use the FTA box to set up the dish and if I want to see an encrypted channel, disconnect it and connect the Sky box.

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