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Thetford cassette toilets


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If you look on the Thetford website and look for spares, you can buy all the parts needed indvidually. Quite possibly they also do a kit to convert, but it can be done as mentioned. On the model I looked at the hand pump is replaced with a toilet roll holder as an example.




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michele - 2007-05-23 9:20 PM


Clive (?) and what are you agreeing to today ;-)


Hi Michele,

YES was to "can you convert it to electric."


No constraints were put on HOW to convert it, just can it be done.


NO I haven,t done it myself as ours is already electric but if it were not I would convert it one way or another if I felt the need.

Remember Pongo?


But much usefull data has been pointed at by other contributors so choices have been offered.








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There is also the matter of the model of Thetford toilet (bench or swivel-bowl) for which conversion is planned.


I'm pretty sure the MMM DIY article related to a bench-type toilet and that the method used didn't involve obtaining a bag of bits from Thetford and just hooking them all together.


Caravan Accessories (CAK) Ltd (advert in MMM) may be able to advise on this subject.

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