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Has anyone used, is using or knows any thing about the in line Whale aqua source clear water filters.

I am thinking of getting a filter of some sort and after looking around the net and magazines the naturepure seems good but is £130+ against £20 for the whale and both will need changing at the end of the season.

any comments please.



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Naturepure's publicity material includes a review by Practical Boat owner mag 2003. There's a link on NP's website (http://www.generalecologyeurope.com/naturepure.html). MMM is mentioned there too.


The PBO article is v favourable, though when you read what the test was, - filtering HEAVILY polluted water, the construction of the filter was bound to win and you have to ask if you're ever likely to need this level of sophistication to remove (I guess) taints from tank and pipes?


Naturepure were exhibiting at Newbury. Personally I found the samples they provided tasted sterile, almost like distilled water. So the Naturepure is not for me. I don't have a problem with my tank water presently, but if the taste were to deteriorate during the season, I'd consider purifying tablets short term, and cleaning out the tank at the end of the year. (Or get a jug as suggested above)


If you do buy a filter, consider where to install it, because you may decide you don't want to wash up or shower in filtered water, - or flush it down the loo.


It was suggested that you could install the filter in the washbasin where you could fill your kettle or drink from the tap. You won't mind cleaning your teeth in filtered water so you'd only be "wasting" filtered water to wash your face.


The alternative is to do what boat owners do and install another tap in the galley.


As regards the filters. I thought NP said it was only necessary to change it when it became fully clogged and water didn't pass. The sales chap admitted it would be pretty grotty by then.





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Thanks Guys, i don't carry much water with me and always drop what water is left in the tank and refill with fresh, i guess i was looking for someone to say "yep, fantastic must have one" type of thing, on the basis that no one is raving I will scrub it off my list of things to get at Stratford next week.



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We asked the same question when we started motorhoming last year and decided to use bottled water. It is so cheap here that its not worth buying a filter for use in the van. When we are away and we are at a supermarket we just buy half dozen bottles of the cheapest "eau de source". That way we don't get scummy tea. We do use a filter jug in the house daily and also have one of those curly things that you put round a pipe to stop limescale. I don't know whether it works or not but the water in the filter jug is fine.



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We have a US Nature Pure filter fitted line to the kitchen tap. It is trylu fantastic and completely transformed the taste of our water which was suffering from a terrible 'plastic' taste. Yes, it isn't cheap, but it has big advantages over bottled water.


First is ease of use.


Second is the fact that you can use it in pans and the kettle - not just for drinks and cooking, but also for washing-up water and the like. You get through lots of bottled water with these extras, and we found that, if we didn't use filtered water, we simply added the plastic taint to food, hot drinks and, worse, to the kettle and pans. We had to replace a kettle because we just couldn't get rid of the taint.


It is generally very esay to fit, though, because the plumbing parts have US sizes, you do need to get the right jubilee clips to connect them to UK piping in a watertight manner.


Mel E



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This is the description of the Whale filter cartridge as shown on the company's website:


Aquasource Clear in-line water filter


Provides clear, fresh drinking water

Removes unpleasant tastes and odours

Contains silver which inhibits bacterial growth

Slim and compact

Easy to install and maintenance free

Will last one full season or 4,500 ltrs (1,188 US gals)

New improved design can be mounted horizontally


A Whale filter was fitted as standard to my Herald in the cold-water feed to the kitchen sink. It was a devil to change the cartridge until I modified the installation and I was always a bit concerned that it would freeze during the winter and the casing would split. In the 7 years we owned the Herald I think I replaced the cartridge once.


For drinking-water and in tea, coffee, etc. in our current motorhome my wife insists on using bottled water; for other purposes we just use the water held in the vehicle's on-board tank.

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