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Gas bottles


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I have just taken delivery of a motorhome that is fitted with a large propane gas bottle (red in colour).

As these bottles are not available in the rest of Europe, is it possible to get and adaptor so that I can use Camoing Gaz, if necessary?

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Hi brayn


Welcome to the site and the wonderful world of motorhoming.


Yes, you can get an adaptor and use a camping gaz bottle which is widely available in europe -but, they are very small cylinders so do not last long and the gas is quite costly overall. You will be able to get an adaptor at any good caravam accessory shop along with the Camping Gaz cylinder.


However, there are other ways and means to ensuring you have gas in europe.


You could take a spare cylinders (make sure it is securely fixed upright) - Calor have a scheme running at the moment that lets you put a refundable deposit on a spare cylinder that you can return when your trip is over so you just pay for the gas.


You could buy a cylinder in europe but you would also need to buy an appropriate adaptor and/or hose (depending on whether you have the 'old' gas system or the 'new' one) but there are different cylinders in each country.


We used to use one Calor and one Camping Gaz but have now fitted two 11kg refillable Gaslow cylinders in the gas locker. These are permamnently fixed (although it is easy to take them out and swap them onto another van should we ever change) and has a filling point in the side of the van that allows us to fill at any autogas station - just like filling up with petrol or diesel. Many advantages to this. No more worrying about gas abroad, no more lifting and carrying heavy cylinders, not more changing them in the dark when they run out at night (it's always at night!), and the gas is about half price to bottled gas.


There is lots of information on this site about this subject if you try the search facility at the top of the page.


Good luck with it all, Regards, David

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As camping Gaz bottles are small and are Butane you may also find that on occasions you will not have sufficient pressure for some of your equipment to run.


Butane stopps gassing at around + 2 degrees and with the smaller surface area of liquid does not always have sufficient pressure for, say, the central heating boiler.

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Get a bulk tank fitted is best, then you can fill up at the many gas stations all over Europe. Alternatively replace your gas bottle with a re-fillable one but you are likely to need to fit an external filling point as some garages don,t like filling them and if you have an external filling point they cannot see its a refillable bottle.

Properly fitted bulk tanks also give you a genuine fuel gauge inside the motorhome and free up a locker for other uses.


One supplier / installer of either type of tank has a long thread running on this forum where it is alleged one of his staff has done something not quite right. However this same supplier / installer has hundreds of satisfied customers which include me.



Its your money!




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