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Norfolkline - LPG Restrictions

Derek Uzzell

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Following a comment on the "Hints and Tips" forum I contacted Norfolkline about their policy regarding vehicles carrying LPG.


At present the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section of the Ferries to France part of the Norfolkline website contains the following:


"Q. Do your ships accept vehicles which run on Liquified Petroleum Gas LPG?


A. Yes, vehicles converted to LPG or motor homes carrying LPG cylinders are accepted onboard our ferries. Please note however, vehicles are limited to carrying one LPG cylinder - we also ask that you advise the staff at the check in booth before you check in."


Clearly this "one LPG cylinder" restriction could be a major disincentive for many leisure vehicle owners who might be considering travelling with Norfolkline, as the Hints and Tips posting by "Geoff" indicates.


After a number of false starts I have now received a reply from Norfolkline's Customer Services department about gas-carriage on their ferry service to France. Their response was as follows:


"I have been in contact with our Health & Safety Officer, and the head of Operations with regard to carrying LPG and it appears that there has been some confusion with the wording on our website. Therefore the necessary changes will be made to ensure our passengers have a better understanding when carrying any type of gas.


The amount of LPG carried in private vehicles (caravans, motorhomes, etc.) for heating/cooking purposes is restricted to a maximum weight of 47 kilos. (This figure excludes the weight of the storage cylinders/tanks themselves.) Additionally, any vehicle having an LPG storage system that involves removable gas containers is limited to a maximum of three cylinders that must be properly secured in a purpose-designed storage compartment."


Although Norfolkline do not appear to have been carrying out embarkation checks of how much LPG travellers are carrying in their vehicles (and/or how it is being transported), until their website is revised you may think it worthwhile to take a copy of this posting with you if you intend to use that ferry company.

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