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lpg conversions


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It depends on whether or not your camper is petrol or diesel. If petrol you can run it on lpg. For a combined use of lpg you would have problems finding a supplier of a tank with a liquid take off for engine fuel and a gas take off for domestic purposes.


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Several have been able to make tanks with twin take offs, liquid at the bottom for the engine and gas at the top for cooking. But all have been "in the trade" and done their own thing. They do this by having two outlet pipes going through the top of tank fitting, one pipe goes to close to the bottom of the tank and the other is very short for vapour.


The bigger problem I would see on a Petrol VW is where you would fit a useful sized tank??

Or is this not a classic VW camper that is what I have in my minds eye?




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petrol engines can be converted easy to run on lpg. the lpg in the tanks are liquid form. which is normally converted to gas in the engine bay by a special bit of kit. appliances that run on lpg run on gas not liquid and the pressures between the two are very different.


when I looked into this I was told of a fatherless family that tried to mix the two. it obviously didn't work. don't play with these things if you are like me and are not a qualified engineer it is not worth it. :'(


on a lighter note both my van and car are lpg converted and my car for instance travels 130 mile for approx £7.50, ;-)

best buy I've ever done.

good luck

al :-)

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