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Lack of 12v electrics in caravan


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webbocj - 2007-05-31 9:29 PM Daughter on the I.O.W. electrics o.k(on hook-up). comes back 3hrs later, no 12v. Tested by engineer who points pobable cause to be a box! with Nordelettronica wrote on it (made in Italy) Any ideas, help :-( :'(

Try the link, info that you need may be there -


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Are you saying the 230v sockets work but none of the 12v lights etc work?


Do you have a gauge or indicator light that shows the state of the 12v battery?


Did your guy check the charge on the battery?


Has anyone checked that a trip switch is not out?


Before you go spending money of replacing the transformer (what you call "the box" I think) I suggest you borrow a leisure battery from somewhere and replace the one you have at the moment and see if that is the problem. Tho from what you have posted - the 'van is still on mains(?) - so the battery would be bi-passed.


No battery lasts forever and if it no longer holds the charge I think it will all work OK whilst on mains but when not, it does not have enough power.


Think of it as having a duff battery on your car - you can start it when you connect a battery charger to it, but as soon as you disconnect the battery charger, you can no longer start the car.



It is easy to fear the worst - but in my experience - it is usually the simple solution that often gets overlooked.


Hope that this is the case.


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