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hymer sun visors are too small


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The sun visors in our 2000 Integrated Hymer fold into a slim recess under the drop down bed. Unfortunately when hinged down they just aren't low enough.


From my sitting position the bottom of the visor is no lower than the front of the bed so makes no difference when trying to shield the glare from the setting sun or a bright sky.


I've considered adding an extra board to the edge but it would make an untidy job when the visors are folded away.


I also considered a folding blind stuck to the screen, but it would foul the concertina blinds, and I would prefer to not screw anything to the bottom of the bed.


Brownhills weren't interested when I asked for advice.


Has anyone experienced a similar problem, if so have you overcome it? (I tried a sitting on a big cushion but my feet won't reach the pedals!)

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Hi Mike

Firstly welcome to the mad house!!

We have been Hymer owners for a number of years now. Not sure whether I'm missing something here, but we've never had probs with this issue. There are two hinges on the drop down visor, have you extended them both.

If you have and find it is still not low enough for you, there are tinted visors which you can buy from most motor accessories shops, which clip onto the sun visor, which you can extend down.

If you require anything else, then please feel free to contact me.



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