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Fiat Ducato 2001 fuel guage fault.

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I have a Swift Suntor 2001 on a Fiat Ducato M14 base with a 2.8tdi engine. It is a lovely vehicle and my wife and I are well pleased with it. Recently it has developed an intermittant fault on the fuel guage whereby the indicator needle floats up and down from full to empty. After this it will fail to indicate whatsoever. Switching the ignition off and back on again temporarily solves the problem. As the fuel tank sender is covered by a RAC 5 Star warranty, I have had it into a Fiat Agent in Doncaster for diagnosis {which I found in the small print of the warranty I had to pay for myself). They diagnosed that it was a faulty fuel guage damper unit and was located under the dash. Unfortunately this was not covered by the warranty and would cost £102 to replace. I decided to order the part from a Fiat agent nearer home and infact have tried to do so from two different companies. The strange thing is that neither company could locate such a part or indeed had heard of such a part. I would appreciate any information whichmay allieviate my confusion. (?)
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