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Insurance - Can't be true


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Hi everyone


I have just received a PM from a mate of mine on another motorhome forum regarding Insurance - that old chestnut!


I knew about this anyway from someone else but Brian, who has a Burstner has come back and confirmed all OK


It would appear this site deals with all European and American Motorhomes/RV's and simply put it invites all Insurers to bid against each other to win my business.


I have played the video and registered although I have not entered an auction but it looks surprisingly good, very clinical though, no sales banner stuff.


I shall wait for Paul to finish his but he said it was simple to use and he his sitting back and watching these Insurers beating themselves up bidding for his business - which appeals to my dark side - lol



As I say I had heard about it but not really engaged but worth checking out.


Stupid name I must say, Mythinge.com read that out loud and fast could cause some red faces.






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