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Curse of Kontiki part 2


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The new door and reverse camera were fitted yesterday. 54 weeks after taking delivery of the brand new motorhome, I have a new door, but does it close properly? Does it heck! It is worse the than previous one, with a gap at the top and bottom, stuffed with an old towel to keep the wind out. Maybe Swift are being kind and so by allowing gaps in the door, it is a form of free air con!


At least the reverse camera works though, even though I do not use it! LOL



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Guest JudgeMental



and every sympathy


I notice on another forum, a new thread regards poor fitting service from the supplier of your new van - its a mystery how they remain in business...

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If it is any consolation i have had the same service from Swift, my van is an Ace Napoli bought new last September, in the same month we reported that the top hinge seemed bent and the door was not closing as it should, (if it wasn't slammed it would not shut, and would not open with the catch).

Long saga, other faults and inspections later (too long for here) swift finally agred to supply a new door and frame but not under warrantee but as a gesture of good will and only if my dealer fitted it at their cost.

This Wednesday it has at last been sorted (40+ weeks) but at least mine fits and works.

Their aftersales is absolutley abismal, their attitude stinks, typical take the money and run.



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Hi Russell

Sorry to hear about your ongoing woes.As much as it would pain me, I would not have taken it back until such times as it was correct.I would seriously look at getting the job done at a local independent and then send the bill to them asking for payment.

Look at the other threads about the way we get treated and it makes you really wonder whether they really care about us "Punters".


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