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Don't give up yet Martyn, they are coming through! 

It seems there has been a general supply problem with the Transit chassis, and Ford's 2007 production has been somewhere around 120% over sunscribed.  Annoying, but a success story for Ford!

Because of those delays, the likes of Hobby haven't been getting the chassis: so manufacture, and thus supply to all the dealers, has also been heavily delayed.  Then, the Van proved very popular, so they've had a real problem meeting demand on the non-existent Transit chassis.  Another success story, this time for Hobby, but another annoyance if you're waiting! 

Add to this that the RHD vans were scheduled to be among the last produced by Hobby, so running behind most of the LHD production, and you can see why you're still waiting.

However, I'm sure it'll be worth the wait when it turns up!

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Am I missing something with the seating arrangement?


The (RHD) drivers' seat can't be used in the swivelled position at the same time as the side seat. You have to use one or the other.


As the (RHD) drivers’ seat is a fairy essential item and can't be dispensed with, it seems to me that the side seat is superfluous. What does it add that a swivelled (RHD) drivers’ seat can't supply?


Surely it would be better to have nothing at all in the side seat's position if lounge space is the priority?


Sorry to have a downer on this but it just seems like a constraint on an already small space to me.


What is attractive about it?


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I think I'm missing something now!  From the photograph it appears that both seats can be used, albeit the right hand front seat needs to be rotated a bit further and/or slid back, for comfort.  Does something prevent either of these manoeuvres, or does "used" imply something more demaining than merely sitting? ;-)
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I suspect the most important use of the '5th' seat is for constructing the 3rd bed.


The drivers seat can be used in addition to the seat by the door. In fact the table can be pulled out and the end leaf lifted up, then you can seat 5 around the table in relative comfort. Admittedly a bit superfluous for just the 2 of us. The '5th' seat also has storage space beneath it.

In practice my wife tended to 'stretch out' on the dinette seat and I used the N.S. or O.S. swivel seats. We used the spare seat for dumping things on.

On balance I think I would rather have the '5th' seat than not.


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Bit surprised that all seats can be utilised in relative comfort, I 'slid and swivelled' for ages but couldn't fathom how it would work if you actually have legs. If you slide the drivers' seat back / swivel it, you then foul up the legroom of the passenger seat.


I can see the point of the repository / storage, but isn't that an argument better served by a cupboard?


All that matters is that it clearly works in practice for current / prospective owners, which is nice, because it is overall a really nice thing. Maybe I need to work at my Chinese puzzle skills? ;-)

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