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Ducato Battery Housing

Don Madge

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Hi Everybody,


Received the following from one of our travelling friends.



"Hi all our travelling pals ... a little story to relate. Our 3 year old Knaus went in for service last week and the garage found that the battery was extremely loose in its housing and advised us not to drive until it had been checked and possibly welded.


When we got the van back Martin stripped out the battery housing and found that the mounting bracket was in pieces! No sign of water ingress/rust or acid leakage/corrosion. The garage also agreed it must have been metal fatigue, saying they had never seen anything like it.


Now Martin has rebuild the mounting block (3 whole days work) but asked me to warn anyone out there with a Fiat Ducato base to check their battery mount very carefully.


We have contacted Fiat - no response from them to date."


I've checked my four year old Ducato and it's OK.




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