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Window Blind Repair


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I have a Hymer 1993 544 and one of the window blinds is in need of repair or replacement as it is ripped and sticking.


Is this something I could attempt myself? The plastic window surround seems to have screws hidden under plastic covers. If I take them off to look or remove the existing blind will I be in danger of having a handful of wheels, cogs and other various bits, or is the removal/replacement pretty straightforward.


Any advice appreciated.





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I have repaired/ replaced a few blinds in a short space of time. They are more fiddly than tricky and have to be wound tight enough to fully retract, but not so tight that they take your fingers off! An extra pair of hands helps as they can be tight to get in and out of the housing, but you should definitely be able to do it.


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Hi Roger

I had a similar problem with mine last year and Leisure Spares were superb-I wrote in to Interchange round about June last year saying how helpful they were, which was printed in MMM.

If you describe your fault they will email you a PDF of the exploded blind which will show you what parts you need. They will then post them out to you overnight. They are very simple to fit. I released the tension on all mine in comparison to manufacturers fitting as they kept taking my fingers off. Now work perfectly at a cost of a few coppers



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