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Overnighting in Dover


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Hi all,


We're currently in France and will be returning to UK in July. Norfolk Line have a good deal on a ferry that leaves Dunkerque at 0200 so we'd need to doss in Dover after our arrival there. We've heard that there is a parking area somewhere that permits this but don't know where this is. Can anyone suggest anywhere in Dover that permits overnighting and where arrival in the middle of the night doesn't cause problems?


Many thanks.



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You can stay on the seafront in Marine Parade. We were there last week along with several other motorhomes. The area is patrolled by police and we stay there at least 4 times a year. You can also stay at the marina but there is a charge.



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Hi Alistair


We've used Dover a lot, we use Marine Parade, have a look at the below thread and scroll down and you'll find some info on it from me.




Directions from the port - when you exit the port on to the large roundabout go straight across on to the main road into Dover itself (dual carriageway, you'll go through a set of junction traffic lights then go straight on again at the next roundabout. You'll pass a road on your left with a width restriction, now continue along and take the next left turning into Wellesley Road and at the end is Marine Parade. Turn RIGHT and park along that bit along with the other vans that'll no doubt be there. Last time we were there in May the council had put up signs to show that motorhomes and caravans could park along that part overnight so you shouldn't have any problems.






Mel B

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