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sat nav co-ordinates help


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Hi Everyone


As i tend to waffle a bit, I have highlighted my two questions in orange. :-)


We have bowed to kid pressure and booked into the Du Letty campsite for a few days near Benodet, south of Quimper.




I want to be able to use the sat nav to take me straight there from Houlgate and was not quite sure how I would enter the gps co-ordinates into the sat nav?


[orange]Is it simply N475202 W0040527 which I have taken from the information below which is found on their website?[/orange]


GPS data : latitude 47°52'02" north - Longitude : 004°05'27" west


We are also booked into another site towards the end of the hols near Aberville on the Cote Picarde coast called Le Domaine du Chateau de Drancourt.




[orange]Do any of you sat nav users have the co-ordinates for this site at all?[/orange]


As always any help much appreciated



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Glad you got it sorted Kev.

Even when I have the co-ordinates I always tend to check them on something like Google maps.  It's surprising the number of times the camp site is further up the road or you pass it on the way to the co-ordinates.

The funniest was a CL shown as being on a Texeco forecourt.  A quick look at Google maps (Hybrid) showed 3 caravans in an adjacent field.

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