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Help Make of 12 v water filler pump


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On our Kontiki we have 2 12v sockets, to refill our tanks ie; Fresh Water and toilet, when away from the tap we can refill from Aqua roll ?, dont know what you would call these, they are about the size of a 10p piece with a plastic cover over them.

When open ours have just two holes, to insert prongs of the pump.

Can any body tell me what make pump fits this discription.

Have searched the web site and the ones i have found seem to be the ones we used to have on the caravan, large white plastic fitting on the end.

Want to be one up on hubby as i use all the water. with this i can get my own. Got an Aqua roll sorted. (lol)

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I believe what you describe is the standard water plus power input for most caravans. Any good caravan shop should have a range of suitable submersible pumps with the correct fittings on the end.

Good luck




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