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Laika kreos

mark lambert

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Laika have been wholly owned by Hymer Group for some years now. The early Kreos models came out as the takeover was completed (Hymer previously owned about a 30% share for a while.


Laika (it's pronounced lie-ker and is named after the first Russian dog in space) have always had a reputation for good build quality. However, in the last 10 years some of the clever touches - especially for storage - that they used to incorporate, havd gone in favour of standard layous coupled with slightly more avante-garde design.


Many Laikas have holding tank loos, some with a cassette emptying feature, some not. Worth checking on the one in question.


We had a Laika and looked to replace it with one, but they'd gone for horrible dark worktops and yellow upholstery. If it suits your friend, fine. Each to their own.


Mel E


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Hi Mark

Many years ago we also looked at the Laika range and thought that it was a well put together machine. Good points were certainly the build quality, but it was the actual colour schemes that slightly put us off. Couldn't comment on any bad points,as it seemed well made on the inside as well. Just some of the layouts didn't seem to match what we had on our own checklist and in our own minds.


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Guest JudgeMental

I think your friend will find better value elsewhere - unless he is completely seduced by Italian style. Something which has cost me dearly in the past ;-).... :-D






Here for a good time - not a long time


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I was recently told by friends with a Liaka that they have to get the van damp checked twice yearly to maintain the 6 years water ingress warranty.  The inspections have to be by a Liaka dealership to be sure the warranty will be honoured, on the basis that others may not have checked all the designated places. 

Since the inspections cost over £100 at time, they were wondering if this really was a warranty, or just re-sealing on HP!

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We have a Kreoss 3007, fixed bed 4 berth style. I think it is great !

The layout suits us both 6 foot plus, bathroom super, with loads of storage shelves and cupboards, wash basin sited nicely, with 2 mirrors to assist in shaving. Vent is very good, electric, in & out flows.

Cupboards in abundance. Never filled them yet! Good finish to all fittings.

Water tank inside, no freeze ups there, 2 waste tanks, with decent outlet and valve operation, and gauges which indicate on when to empty, toilet, wastes, or when fresh is needing top up. No oven, but who has to have one ? I don't. Driving is easy, we share. Saets comfortable, bed very much so. Under bed store enormous, as are other nooks and crannies.

I have no reason to chnage it for anything else at present, and it is our first van. Visitors at sites have commented on it's layout and comfort levels, so guess we have been lucky in our choice.

We also took over 2 years to find what suited us.

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