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Incident at the aire at Bleriot Plage


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A week ago friday caught the 8.20pm train and decided to stop o/night at the motorhome aire at Bleriot Plage.


I had been late home so whilst the bikes were linked to the alarm system i skipped my usual double safeguard of a padlock and relied on the alarm with the bright led flashing in the reversing light right next to the bikes. BAD MOVE.


2.15am woken by the alarm going off and going out the investigate - with the dog (a labrador that would lick andbody to death) i found the alarm wire was cut!!


I rejoined the wire with pliers, tape, a lot of bad language, and settled down for the rest of the night - it took a while to get to sleep!


Next morning it turned out other motorhomes had been broken into!!


The Learn? Always set the alarm (which i did) + add a visible deterent to bikes such as a large padlock.


Interestingly my alarm must have woken other motorhomers - its a van bitz and loud, plus when i first awoke i couldn't find the key to switch it off so it went off long enough to had woken and annoyed others. - when i went outside there was nobody else coming to see if there was a problem or even a curtain twitching - so don't rely on anybody else if you have an incident! There is no safety in numbers if everybody else ignores whats going on!


That being said i will no doubt be back at Bleriot plage when i'm next off a late ferry or train.



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