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Thetford Porta Potti model c.200 elec; pump.


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I think gaining access to the pump is not covered specifically on the thetford-europe website. However, in the past, I've found Thetford helpful when I've contacted them for advice.


First thing to check is that the 12V blade-fuse located in the ceiling of the cassette-locker is OK. (This is described on www.thetford-europe.com)

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Hi Maqqyd,


The Thetford web site has very good illustrated instructions for replacing all the parts for the C200, I've just downloaded all the PDF files for future reference, including the spare parts cat.


You speak of a pump in the C200, mine has no pump as the water is supplied from the main tank as is water for shower basins etc.


The C200 I have has a solenoid operated valve, when the valve is operated via the blue push button, the pressure operated water pump starts and pumps the water from the main tank to the toilet bowl.


Is't your system the same? - Regards Terry

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Thetford C-200 toilets come in 4 flavours. Three flush 'electrically' and one manually.


1. C-200S. This flushes using water from the leisure-vehicle's on-board fresh-water tank and the vehicle's own electric water-pump. The panel carrying the flush operating-button and cassette waste-level LED is separate from the toilet's main body.


2. C-200CS. Similar in principle to the 200S, but the operating panel with flush-button and LED is integrated into the top of toilet's body behind the bowl-unit rather than being separate.


3. C-200CWE. This has its own 8.3 litres water reservoir built into the toilet's body behind the bowl-unit. Pressing the flush-button on the integrated operating-panel activates an electric pump submerged within the toilet's water reservoir.


4. C-200CW. This is a variant of 200CWE with manual flushing via a plunger arrangement in the toilet's behind-bowl body. The flushing system results in a reduction in the water reservoir's capacity to 7 litres.


I've always assumed that "maggyd's" non-flushing C-200 toilet was a CWE. As Terry suggests, if it were an S or CS there would seemingly be no difficulty getting at the pump - and I'm reasonably confident Swift didn't fit manual C-200s to 2003 Kon-Tiki motorhomes.


The Thetford 'europe' and 'kpnis' websites carry the same data and (as I said earlier) I don't think there are any instructions on replacing a C-200CWE's electric pump. However, there are instructions on replacing a CW's manual pump and, based on the parts-list diagram for CW/CWEs, it looks like accessing the electric pump initially involves a similar technique and is straightforward.


First thing of course is to make sure it's actually the pump that's playing up.

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Thanks all for your your advice (lol) we have now solved the problem by dismantling the pipes cleaned everything including the pump and it is now working perfectly.


Downloaded diagrams and worked out how to axcess the pump by taking off the top cover switch essembley.

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