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Wayne ,

they sell these poles at shows to fly things off of such as a parrot cat bird all different so as that you can spot your camper in the distance .

I ,m not sure but they are made of a kind of fishing rod stuff not ali.

they extend to be massive but I don't know where to buy it from ? maybe someone else can help with that bit ...kiss kiss

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You can buy carbon fibre poles at any of the shows Wayne. These are telescopic and even come with fibre optic lights if you want. No problem with the size of flag either and if you want a cheaper option then have a look around for pole rods used for fishing.
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michele - 2007-07-04 6:27 PM


J9withdogs - 2007-07-04 4:32 PM


I wouldn't mind a Pole that extends to 15 feet, he would be able to wash the top of my van (lol)


Oh dear, that's not racist is it? :$

Only if you want to use him then toss him back :D


That's what I do with all my men :D :D

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Forester - 2007-07-04 3:58 PM


kiss kiss eh howie, bet she wants to be in my gang.

Just teasing you along Chopper and everybody knows i,m the only one for her, along with Dave, Frank, Clive, Bazza etc. She,s even got poor old Tony sending her private messages with kiss kisses attached.

Janine,s looking for someone with a 15ft pole. Trying to think of a reply but having trouble with the exact wording. Might be able to tie a yellow ribbon on mine, but unless its at half mast a Union Jack is out of the question. 8-)

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Now who's your mate chopper :D


Howie ,

That's Monty in the background playing a part in the lads down fall .

Which reminds me have you both ever seen that film two men went to war ?

About a soldier and his Sergeant who were AWOL and took off for France and blew up the cook house :D :D Brilliant .

cancelled sky now waste of money no one watches it he's always at work I 'd rather do something and apart from the documentaries which keep on going round & round no point really ..Also a film called Nights Tale has a brilliant modern twist on it and a hunky Heath ledger in it OOOHhhhh makes the women swoon good film watched it over & over god it really makes me laugh everytime.


its good to laugh otherwise we would all go nutts nutty nutty :D




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Hi Wayne. The flagpole you want is for the Northern Forties shows I presume so those fibre glass one,s are not really in keeping with the times you represent. If you click on ... flag poles... there's plenty of suppliers though they do look expensive. The cheapest i,ve seen is a 5m two section white powdered alloy pole at £70. On top of that you have to buy the halyards and mounting brackets etc.

Try......... www.flagpoleexpress.co.uk..... They seem pretty reasonable.

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