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Annoying electrical problem


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My vehicle is a Herald Squire on a T reg Ford Transit 150 td base. I am having a problem with the internal electrics. I know that when the engine is running all living area electrics are somehow turned off, I assume there is a relay/sensor so that when the ignition is turned on the internals are switched out. My problem is that after any run of longer than 10-15 mins when stopping the engine the internals do not operate, I know that the battery is fully charged but the meter reads zero. However after a short wait everything springs to life. Am I right in assuming that this relay/sensor is sticking/not working properly in that it doesn't switch back to allow me to use either the leisure battery or the vehicle battery. I can however access the vehicle battery at all times without problem. If it is this relay does anyone know where it is/what it looks like please.
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