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Derek Uzzell

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In the Thread Subject list of this forum section the 4th entry from the top ("What are the vehicle details?") is a reminder from the OAL Moderator that, when seeking technical advice, providing details of the motorhome you own is likely to result in a more complete and speedier answer.


Now, it would be a whole lot simpler if, when someone first registers as a forum user, he/she supplied that information at that stage for future reference: sadly there's nothing specific within the Control Panel to encourage this to happen.


What I'm going to suggest is that forum members take the initiative and add details of their vehicles to the Control Panel's "Interests" box. While it may be entertaining to learn that some people are keen on swimming with otters, nude basketball or international chicanery, I believe it's far more useful on a motorhome forum to be able to ascertain easily details of the motorcaravan they own.


If you click on the "profile" button at the base of this posting you'll see that I've entered the following data in my own Interests box as an example of what I have in mind:


Motorhome - Hobby T-600 FC (2005 model/LHD).

Chassis - Ford Transit FWD platform-cab.

Motor - 1998cc turbo-diesel/125bhp.

Tyres - Continental Vanco-8 215/75 R16C 113R (47psi/F, 55psi/R).

Heater - Truma C6002EH.

Fridge - Dometic RM7651L.


Whether you think this is overkill or underkill information-wise is up to you, but it seems to me to cover a good few technical forum-question areas. (There's probably a limit on the number of characters you can stick in the Interests box, but I haven't attempted to find that out.) The nice thing about the Interests box is that (unlike the Location box) anything in it stays off the forum postings screen. So the motorhome-related stuff can remain invisibly in the background until the time when its availability becomes useful.

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Good idea, Derek.  I'll add ours when (if!) it arrives! 

It wonder if it might be even more useful if brief details (say just van make/model/base and year) could be arranged to appear in lieu of, or below, one's avatar; so that it is immediately visible.  Those who don't want this on view needn't supply the details, so I can't see any privacy issues. 

Worth suggesting to the mods?

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oi was a rocker brian so i wiil never talk to the mods. but carry on me ansome if you thinks it will do any good.


as for my van, well the deccalls have long (effects of global warming or simply the pong of pigs**t over many years i dont know) so id av difficulty in remembering zactly wot i got. but there again, forum members are such a elpfull lot (part ftom one or two old groaners) that youd soon ave me on the straight and narro.


chins up me ansomes


perpendickuler fred

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I saw a significant advantage of my proposal as allowing plenty of useful information about a forum member's motorhome to be provided by that person without any change being made to the forum's present structure.


I'm unaware of what software is used to 'drive' the Out&AboutLive website, but I'm pretty confident it's off-the-shelf rather than bespoke. I also don't know whether software modifications/enhancements are made in-house or by a non-Warners authority. It may be that what you are suggesting can be implemented easily and quickly: on the other hand, it may be hard to do and take man-effort that Warners may not be prepared to expend or pay for.


Although I fully accept it's a fudge, it's already perfectly possibly to display brief motorhome details on postings by exploiting the 'Location' field (as now shown on my own postings). In fact this may be the simplest way to get people to provide basic information about the vehicle they own as the technique involved is self-evident.

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This is an excellent idea so why do you not update your info people

It makes sense and helps people to help you with out asking and then awaiting the reply . Go ahead and do it you have nothing to loose and only something to gain.


Like help from experienced people who have been doing it since before most of us were born

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