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The french people are very nice : they welcome you on private aire.


You can stay overnight for free. Of course they appreciate if you buy some of their excellent wine or products but it's not an obligation.


Adresses you may find in a guide called "France Passion" (28€)


We stayed yet at some places and it's really nice. People are kind and the locations are safe. Some have service others not. You can visit the winecellars and have a explanation about their production.


ex. One of our private-aire stays in France : " Les Jardins de Delphine" à CAULLERY. Delphine is very friendly; she has marvellous home-made "confitures", a lovely garden with fresh vegetables ......

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Very nice, yes - but then, if you are not a member of France Passion, at 7€ just for the parking, it should be nice. There is no water and no facilities for dumping! I won't be stopping there a second time!



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Les Jardins de Delphine is a privately owned commercial enterprise that, besides selling a variety of fruit and vegetable-based products, offers motorcaravanners the opportunity of an overnight stop in a pleasant environment. I think it no way unreasonable that the property owners should choose to charge for this service and 7 Euros is surely not an exorbitant price for a quiet night's stay in attractive surroundings - after all, a camping-car visitor to touristy Noirmoutier would be paying that for parking on a dusty expanse of windswept tarmac.


It's clear from the France Passion (FP) booklet that Les Jardins de Delphine offers no water provision/waste disposal facilities for motorhomes. This concerned me not a jot as it's the norm for FP sites. Frankly, I'm pleased that non-FP motorcaravanners are being charged a parking-fee as it justifies my decision to support the FP scheme and means there's a fair chance that, should I decide to visit Les Jardins de Delphine, the motorhome parking area won't be swamped by 'freeloaders'.


(See www.lesjardins2delphine.fr for more information.)


There is another French scheme relating to motorhome parking, called Camping-Car d'Hotes. Details are on www.campingcardhotes.fr


Is anyone a member of this and can comment, please?

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