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extended warranty


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What are your views on extended warranty, are they worth the paper they are written on? or what?

Got to make a decision before we go to pick the rapido up on the 27th and would appreciate any information for and against.

Ta muchly



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Guest caraprof

I never buy extended warranties. If your engine fails after three and a half years it's likely that the manufacturer will contribute anyway. Modern diesel engines are very reliable and I would take a chance.

I even extend this to medical insurance now. Four years ago I got fed up with BUPA's escalating costs and opted out. I have since put the equivalent annual amount into a separate savings account and after just putting in my fifth deposit I have saved over £14000.

I had a small scare last month, which needed to be sorted in a rush so I could go on holiday and I paid £1400 for a consultation and a minor operation. This still leaves me nearly £13K in profit.

If I can reach 70 without major surgery I calculate that my account will be worth about £40K, money that I would have given to a private health insurer.

Finally, you have to weigh up what will happen in the unlikely event of a failure and the affect that it will have on your finances. I would never take a chance and leave my home uninsured. If it burns down I'm talking megabucks. The chances are tiny but the consequences are awful.

On the other hand, if your engine fails after four years, I don't suppose that it will cause a major adjustment to your lifestyle and with medical insurance, there's always the good old NHS in the background.

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A good warranty tells you what ISN`T covered whereas a regular warranty only tells you what is.

Just remember that the older the vehicle the more likely something will go wrong but theres no right or wrong answer.It depends how you feel about insurance.Like most insurance policies you have to read whats written and everything in between.


It may also depend on price but if something major does go wrong and its covered under the warranty then its money well spent but if you don`t use it?? Thats insurance.


Ask the dealer to let you see the warranty booklet and read it from cover to cover.Only then make a decision and don`t forget the dealer makes a very healthy profit from them so NEGOTIATE.


Its your decision and no one can make it for you but good luck.

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Try finding out who the warranty is with and contacting them direct, when the extended warranty on our Rapido came to an end they wrote to us to ask us if we wanted to extend it, it was MUCH cheaper than through the dealer for exactly the same cover!!!!


All in all though, we've only ever had to make minor claims and if we'd had to pay for the warranty we would've been out of pocket by quite a lot as the cost of the repairs wouldn't have been even half the cost of 1 years cover. The only redeeming fact was that as it was given to us free as a good will gesture (after a lot of faffing around) due to the fire we had, it meant in reality that we were quids in.


I assume they are doing a full MOT for you? If Charles isn't that mechanical, make sure you get your local friendly garage to give it the once over when you get it just to make sure that there's nothing needing doing immediately that shouldn't have got through the MOT, or is borderline, like tyres etc. Don't leave it too late otherwise if you do find something it'll be hard to prove later.


One thing to check BEFORE you get it, have a climb onto the roof (it'll easily support you) and have a look at the large band of sealant tha runs transversely across it about a third of the way in from the front, even though our Rapido was an 03 model it was starting to crack and would've needed to be redone probably by the end of the year, it'll be a messy job if you have to do it! Same goes for checking all the other seals etc. Don't do the final exchange of dosh or take it away until you've had a good look around and noted any problems, and made sure that they've written them down on the final paperwork for future reference if needs be.


I'm sure you'll be very happy being a WORM - it's a lovely van and I'm sure you'll really enjoy owning it.


Mel B



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I never go for extended warranties on any goods, its a personal thing.


Regarding the M/home all I would look for would be a tow home.


Medical insurance, never, if you have a life threatening problem just pay up and continue life.


House and van insurance yes, and that's all. Contents of each no.


Over the years I've saved enough to by an up-market M/home !

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