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Mobile WiFi data card for Australia


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Can anyone recommend a data PAYG data card for my Huawei WiFi that works in Australia. Previous my phone had home roaming for Australia but that has now stopped. I can get the 3 mobile PAYG card, 24gb for £34, which lasts for 24 months but the fair use policy only allows me to use 12gb in another country so I'll need 2 cards. Any better suggestions please.


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As coincidence would have it we are heading to Sydney on Thursday to visit family for about 6 weeks. I want to get a local sim, although not exclusively for data for the duration of our stay.

This is one option that has been suggested and was previously used on a payg basis by other family members.


Notice that it can be up to 50gb monthly if on auto renew.

Coles is a supermarket chain and I believe my daughter has her own contract with them. No doubt they offer other options. Daughter only sent this link this morning so I haven’t really looked at it yet, but as we don’t really stream (12gb in EU is sufficient for us) and will have access to WiFi a data heavy sim is not essential.

ps our house will not be empty while we are away in case anyone thinks we shouldn’t tell of our movements.


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Depends on where in AU you plan to visit. Many areas of the country are poorly served by mobile phone or data. By far the best coverage is on the Telstra network however it is also at the top of the price tree. Next best is the network we use Optus . You can go on line and review the coverage maps of both carriers to check on the locations you plan to visit. If you are only visiting capital cities and major towns/cities then most suppliers will be adequate. When we did our last trip around the island I purchased a Telstra sim card for an old spare phone and took that as a backup to my Optus connection. In the back blocks we often did not have coverage between larger centres. As it turned out we had no issues that needed to be addressed.

Enjoy you journey and remember to allow travel time to suit the long distances. Sydney to Perth is similar to New York to LA.

cheers, Gary

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Thanks Geeco, I'll look into your suggestions. We are staying with family in NSW but want something for when we go out on our owns, for maps and Internet. I could ask them but as they only use their phones I thought I might get a more knowledgeable answer here other wise I could end up with the wrong card.

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