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VW Compass calypso battery to battery charger


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Hello, I’m Andy. I’m new to owning a motorhome and just wanted to know if I’d have any issues with the electrical system on my 1996 vw t4 compass calypso if I installed a battery to battery charger? I don’t think it’s got a split charge relay on it as the wires connected to the leisure battery are far too small to handle the voltage. I’ve heard that installing a b2b or split charge relay could affect how the fridge works off the 12v while the engine is running?

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The quickest way to see if you have a split charge system is connect a multimeter to the leisure battery then watch the voltage as you start the engine. If the voltage stays constant then no split charge, if it rises significantly then you do have a split charge system.


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There is some on-line discussion about this - GOOGLE-search on

 VW compass calypso split charge relay

It's likely that a 1996 Calypso will have been factory fitted with a simple split-charge relay system. (That's what my 1996-built Compass Herald Templar had).

As Keith has advised, a multimeter check should prove if the vehicle has a WORKING split-charge system, but one never knows with older motorhomes...

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