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Peugeot Boxer wiring query


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Hello all
I am hoping that someone with a Peugeot Boxer based vehicle can help me with this request. Our base vehicle is a 2008 model.
On a recent trip to France we ended up needing a new windscreen in our Autosleeper Sigma and it was fitted in Dijon.
Everything appeared OK until I noticed a cable resting along the back of the engine and it is not obvious where it had been connected. 
A small bundle of wires appear from the dashboard area and most of the cores go to the windscreen wiper motor  but a flexible plastic conduit, about 50cm long, containing a single black wire continued towards the passenger side of the vehicle. The conduit has a number of clips attached indicating it had been attached to the edge of a panel.
As far as I can see everything works and I have no warning lights so can't work out where it had originally attached.
Any help appreciated.
Many thanks for looking

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I can't see the wire you mean

All I can say is I have had a brand new Citroen Relay and Fiat Ducato Vans - not motorhomes, so the wiring is just as it left the factory.  Both have connectors and wires not connected to anything.  Because the wiring loom is designed for all the extras that are not fitted.

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From the orientation of the clips, it appears the cable may have been suspended below the scuttle, attached to a rear facing panel edge.  I think the scuttle in your photo, at the base of the wiper arm, is probably a plastic cover moulding (later ones were) that lies on top of the scuttle proper.  I think this cover moulding may itself have required removal to facilitate removal of the old, and fitting of the new, windscreens.  So, maybe the fitters forgot to re-attach the cable after fitting the new screen and before re-fitting the cover moulding?

Hope this may help, but it's pure speculation based on observation of you photo!  🙂 

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Any chance of a photo of the "black wire emerging at the right hand end"? Is it a wire or  has it a solid end?  If like in this photo with red arrow it is the Central locking RF antenna. It should be routed along the scuttle to driver side


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Hello, thank you all for your suggestions and I think you are correct in thinking it is very likely to be the antenna for the central locking receiver. The end of the cable is very similar to that shown in the photo posted by rayc, in that the cores are recessed inside the end of the insulation and there is no sign of a terminal or similar having been attached.

Many thanks.   John 

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