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Ducato 9 speed auto to be discontinued?


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Globecar reviewer speaks of a rumour  the 9 speed auto is 'not long for this world'

at about 3m40s


The rest of the review is interesting too

I just couldn't understand why he is so concerned about splashes from the sink getting on the bed,

but then he wants a great hole in the roof above it.....

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Well I agree 100% with him, I've seen the same sink layout on Globecar's years ago and decided it needed a splashguard, the roof vent above bed we wouldn't be without. Personally I think on small vans such as this the shower in the corridor similar to ours, and used in Elegance R Prime, would be a better idea than a sliding wall. 

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26 minutes ago, Steve928 said:

Haven't Stellantis just spent millions developing a universal (ICE+EV) 8 speed auto, due on line early 2023? If so then perhaps that's the route they'll take with the Ducato.

That's odd, most EV's are single speed, and a few are two speed. I do know most Stellantis EV's are based on a universal chassis.

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Although I have never had a roof vent leak I have experience of the van bed getting wet with no way to dry it out and wouldn't want it again.

It was when I got my first van and was keen to get away in it, so I went on a long winter trip without insulating the roof.  Condensation formed on the roof and shook down like rain in the back as I was driving along - so didn't see it.

Everything in my new van got mouldy and smelly - so I wouldn't want to risk it happening again due to a vent over the bed.

As Brian Kirby said - if you don't want leaks don't make holes!

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On 19/10/2023 at 09:00, colin said:

Condensation, the killer of vans and houses, the answer is ventilation, that's why it's a good idea to have a vent with permanent ventilation such as we have.

Well I've got a roof vent but its over the kitchen (to take away gas stove fumes)

I'm not worried about rain leaking on to the cooker

But I wouldn't risk having a roof vent over the bed

If you or the reviewer had experienced a wet bed whilst away,  you wouldn't be so keen to cut a hole in the roof over it

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Stellantis press release of yesterday confirms that Ducato MY2024 gets a new 8 speed auto, presumably the in-house one they've just developed at a cost of over $200m.

"The extensive line-up of diesel engines is confirmed with the latest generation of MultiJet engines, compliant with Euro 6E regulations, always at the top for performance and durability: 6-speed manual transmission paired with three power levels (120, 140, 180 hp) and new 8-speed automatic transmission in combination with 140 and 180 hp. The Heavy-Duty range with Euro VI Step E homologation is articulated in the two power levels 140 and 180 hp, both combined with 6-speed manual transmission and the 8-speed automatic transmission."

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