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Vehicle Deposit Scams


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You see something you like online and contact the seller...

He says someone is coming to look at it so I think its sold...

Then he calls back saying I'll keep it for you if you send a deposit.........

Gives you the address of a legitimate dealer to collect it from....

who of course knows nothing about it when you get there to pick it up ...

Seller blocks your calls...

So you call from another phone...

. and the threats start .... don't forget I know where you live etc ....


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I usually report 3 or 4 scam adverts on eBay for Auto Trails every day!

Fancy a nice AT around 2015 vintage for less than ten grand, get in quick before anyone else does :classic_laugh:

Oh yes, Private sellers with upwards of 100 vehicles all at 'Too good to be true' prices!

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20 hours ago, Keithl said:

....scam adverts on eBay....

What do they do about feedback?


Its years since I advertised a van

I advertised it on another forum. One guy said he would buy it and would be round tomorrow morning.  Never heard from him again.  What can you do?  If you moan about him on the forum it makes it look like the van is no good.

Things don't seem to have changed much.  Last week I booked my van in at a main dealer for a warranty repair.  I got a text, then an email, and finally a phone call to confirm I was bringing it in,  I said of course I am bringing it in - I wouldn't book it in if I wasn't bringing it in.  They said I would be surprised how many people make bookings and just don't show up.

So I can understand sellers asking for a deposit. 

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4 minutes ago, John52 said:

Do the scammers have any positive feedback ?

If you try looking for the feedback they allegedly have it usually doesn't exist.

The biggest give a way for me is when a private seller has multiple MH's, caravans, 4x4's and luxury cars for sale!

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48 minutes ago, Keithl said:

And Six Birth 🤣 🤣 🤣

The spelling mistake wouldn't bother me because I'm used to seeing them, its just someone selling a van, not like its supposed to be from a bank or anything

The first big red flag for me would be no feedback - even before I saw the list of too-good-to-be-true vans he is advertising.

When I was looking for a new van and no dealers had any I saw an advert from someone who claimed to have them all - at great discounts, and of course no feedback, and of course they wanted the money up front.

When I looked up their address it was a tiny obscure looking place on a private industrial estate near Bristol with bars on the windows. There was a time when Trading Standards Inspectors would have been after them. Perhaps some people still rely on that.

But just no feedback would have been enough to put me off.

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51 minutes ago, Keithl said:

And Six Birth 🤣 🤣 🤣

All part of the scam, if you are wised up and suspicious of price and spelling you will probally not give a deposit, if however you are after a bargain and ignoring mistakes in listing you are likely to be more gullible.

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Always loads of dodgy Motorhomes on Ebay - some on there now in fact.

As Colin says, just look at the other items for sale!

It's not unusual to find they're using a legitimate sellers account to make it appear they are a long-standing Ebay member with good feedback.

Some are actually getting smarter, and pricing them at a more believable figure - just enough for you to think it might be a genuine bargain.....

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Well I think I'd prefer to see his Ducato with a six speed automatic gearbox.  https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/276123999560?hash=item404a45dd48:g:JP0AAOSwqGRlOpGb All the automatic Ducatos I have seen have had nine speeds

Feedback is interesting though.  Although, crucially, it doesn't include classified listings its the only one I have seen with that much positive feedback.  I don't know how he has got it.

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