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Webasto dual top rha100


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We have the webasto dual top rha100 with manual control panel fitted in our campervan. We haven't used it for a while, and it suddenly turned on spontaneously while we were stationary! The only way to stop it was to remove the fuses!!

Has anyone else had this problem?

Any ideas for a cause and remedy?

Any recommendations for an engineer near East Dorset?!!!

Thank you!

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I had a similar problem, mine had vents under the table and on the side of the dinette.

During normal operation the heater started going full blast and the only way to stop it was to remove the fuses. Then it restarted without problems.

But before it gave me error F10 (see below).

F10 Overheating.

Possible causes. Vents closed or obstructed.

Possible solution. Open vents or clear obstruction.

Possible causes. Air delivery or intake hose crushed.

Possible solution. Eliminate the bottleneck.

Possible causes. A foreign body blocks the suction duct.

Possible solution. Remove the obstruction.

Possible causes. Compartment (chest) where the suction mouth is housed without ventilation openings. Possible solution. Open it temporarily and then make ventilation holes.

Possible causes. The compartment housing the suction mouth is obstructed.

Possible solution. Lighten the load of this compartment in order to obtain sufficient ventilation.

NB. Many think that the intake duct does not have the same importance as a good diffusion system. On the contrary, the air that reaches us from the vents is the same that is sucked in. This means that a well-balanced intake duct, not forced into impossible places, is vitally important.

Possible causes. Use of the vehicle at high altitudes. Distorted CO2 ratio with consequent deformation of the flame which causes overheating.

Possible solution. Turn off the heater and perform the following operation.

1. Locate the small two-way connector near the wire harness cover on the heater body.

2. Remove the plastic protection.

3. Ground the brown cable to the frame (or battery negative).

4. Turn on the heater setting it to 50% (12 o'clock). Wait about three minutes, at this point the LED on the circular switch flashes quickly and continuously. CO2 regulation condition.

5. Bring the potentiometer from 50% to 75% (3 pm) for altitudes of 1500 m. up to 1800 m.

5a. Bring the potentiometer from 75% to 100% (6 pm) for altitudes above 1800 m.

6. Remove the ground cable. 7. The switch stops flashing. Turn the heater off and on again.

My solution: It may seem like a technical contradiction but the final solution (suggested by a Webasto repair center) was to close the vents on the side of the dinette.

In the meantime you can find Webasto service centers at https://dealerlocator.webasto.com/en-gb


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